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As a mediator I help people engaged in conflicts with others to resolve their disputes themselves. All kinds of disputes can be resolved through mediation the most common are between family members, between neighbors, and between consumers and sellers.


"Mediation helps the parties reach their own solutions to their problems."

During a mediation session the parties sit down with a mediator and each in turn explains their problem in their own words and gives their suggestions for resolving it. The mediator assists them in finding solutions that are agreeable to both and helps them to write up an agreement to settle the dispute.

The mediator has no power to order either party to do anything. (The mediator's job is not to give his opinions of the advantages or disadvantages of the parties' proposed solution, but instead helps the parties reach their own solutions to their problems solutions that satisfy the parties themselves.)

Everything said by the parties during mediation sessions is confidential and doesn't leave the room, so that if they don't reach an agreement and end up in court the statements they made during mediation won't be revealed to a judge, allowing the parties to speak freely during the mediation.

Mediation leads to many satisfactory resolutions of interpersonal conflict and eliminates a great deal of stress, and heartache, and often saves the participants lots of money.

Frequently the parties end up feeling much better about each other after the dispute is settled.

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